The GSI™ Global 100 Index


The GSI™ Global 100 is the world’s first Index that directly measures GSI™ (Guaranteed Sales Increase ) from advertising a product. Companies can use the GSI™ Global 100 to determine exactly how much money their business is guaranteed to earn from investing in advertising, before actually spending money on Ads.

Published monthly and updated daily at the close of business US Eastern Standard Time, the GSI™ Global 100 Index reports potential results for businesses worldwide that invest at least $100.00 in advertising, thus the name GSI™ Global 100.

While the GSI™ Global 100 has the look and feel of a stock market index, it is not one. No securities are traded based on the GSI™ Global 100.  And, unlike a stock market index such as the S&P 500 or Dow Jones Industrial Average 30, the GSI™ Global 100 uses a cash metric to report results represented by the symbol (Cbs) which stands for Cash Basis. For example, if the GSI™ Global 100 increased by a 200 cash basis (Cbs) by close of business, then companies purchasing advertising based on the GSI™ can expect to make $200 for every $100 invested in advertising backed by the GSI™. 

Another difference from stock market indices is that the GSI™ Index has no volatility. That’s because investing in stocks is a gamble, as can be advertising, unless a business runs Ads based on the GSI™.  If the GSI™ Index starts out the month at a $200.00 Cbs it can only increase.  This way businesses using the Index to track their potential GSI™ can decide when is the most profitable time to purchase GSI™ based Ads. Rather than settle for a $200.00  ROI ( Return On Investment ), a business may desire to wait until the Index reaches a $500.00 or even $1000.00 Cbs, and then purchase GSI™ based Ads.  

Although the GSI™ Global 100 reports potential sales based on Advertising, the Index is not an advertising media itself and does not publish or run Ads.  It is tracked by a private Ad buying association that purchases Advertising on behalf of their members, based on the GSI™.  Subscribers to the GSI™ Update blog can receive email and text alerts each time the GSI™ Global 100 increases in cash value, and then make their Ad purchasing decisions. The exclusive Ad buying association licensed to use the GSI index is the GSI Club managed by One Billion Live Inc. and founded by Mark Eberra, the pioneer and inventor of the GSI™ Algorithm.

GSI™ Indexing Theory and Methodology

While the detailed methodology and process is proprietary and trade secret, the GSI™ Global 100 Index is based on the theory that at any given moment in the world, there are billions of buyers and sellers that have exactly what each other wants and needs at that particular time. Matching them together at the precise moment the need arises and the exact product is available is what results in a guaranteed sale. Mark Eberra pioneered and perfected the process that matches these buyers and sellers at the perfect time. As a result, Advertisers now enjoy making guaranteed sales without wasting or risking any money. The GSI™ Global 100 Index is the tool that facilitates the entire process.

How To Use The GSI™ Global 100 Index

Before joining a private Ad buying association and/or purchasing GSI™ based Ads, businesses can determine their guaranteed sales increase in two easy steps.


  1. Check the GSI™ Global 100 Index to see how much money will be earned from investing $100 in advertising for your business.  For example, if the GSI™ Global 100 closed at a $200.00 Cbs, that means your business your business would be guaranteed to make $200.00 cash in sales. 
  2. Calculate your ROI percentage from GSI™ based Ads with an Official GSI™ Calculator such as the one at  First enter the amount you are investing in GSI™ based Ads in the (Original Investment) field of the calculator.  Next enter the (Investment Start Date), which is the date you will schedule your Ads to run. Next enter the amount of cash you are guaranteed to make in the  (Returned Value) field of the calculator. Then click calculate.  rcalculator.jpgYou will see the percent of your return on investment which in this case is 100%. Once a business is satisfied with the amount of GSI™ to be earned they can join a private Ad buying association and proceed to purchase and schedule GSI™ based Ads.


The GSI Global 100 is the first of a new genre of investment indices that ushers in a bold new age of transparency and profitability from advertising for businesses of all sizes. With this single instrument the playing field has been leveled for all entrepreneurs for generations to come. It is in a single instance the great wealth equalizer.


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Visit the official GSI™ Online Library to learn more about the GSI™(Guaranteed Sales Increase )