How To Create The Most Valuable Company On Earth

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Say you have a choice between two businesses to buy. Both have 100 million dollars in the bank. The only difference being one had a proprietary process and technology that gave it the ability to deposit 100 million dollars of new money in the bank anytime it wanted, without borrowing. Which one would you buy? 

If you want to make money you will buy the company that has the ability to deposit 100 million dollars of new money in the bank anytime it wants.  Because even though the other company has 100 million in the bank, it’s how it received the money that makes a difference. What if it acquired the money by taking out a 100 million dollar loan? You would be buying a company that was in debt and you would have to pay it back. What if the money came from selling off its assets such as land, or stores? Then you are buying a company that is going out of business. 

It’s clear the company that demonstrates the ability to continuously deposit a boat load of cash in its bank account, without borrowing or selling off assets,  is the most valuable company in the world! 

 And that’s exactly what a company will be able to do when it uses the GSI™ equation, the pioneering polymathic algorithm invented by Mark Eberra.  See (GSI™ The World’s Most Valuable Equation.)  

The GSI™ makes it possible to get a guaranteed sales increase for every product advertised in any media. For example, if a publicly traded company wanted to use the GSI™ to invest 1 billion dollars in advertising and be guaranteed to make 2 billion dollars in sales, it can do it, every time, every quarter, for as long as it chooses. 

When the cash from the using the GSI™ is deposited in the company’s bank account it is counted as net new revenue. 

Analysts researching the company’s financials will see that the directors can pay cash dividends without borrowing money. 

Investors will see real profits that come from selling products, not from selling off company assets, or issuing more shares of stock.

With the GSI™ absolutely positively every performance reported, from profits to earnings per share will be backed up by cold hard cash in the bank.

Now there are a number of other measures that investment professionals use to value a company. But in reality none of them trump the ability the GSI™ gives to deposit cash at will. Let’s review the most popular alternatives to compare to the GSI™.

Market Cap

First, there’s Market Capitalization. Market cap is calculated as the current stock price x the total number of shares. But a company’s stock being listed at a specific price no more guarantees it will sale at that price than my house selling at the price I list it for. Like everything for sale, stock is only worth what someone is willing to pay for it. And you only know what someone is willing to pay for stock after it is sold. So going by stock price is not going to give me the true value of the company.

Enterprise Value

Next there is Enterprise value. EV is determined by the total price of all the shares of stock, (The Market Cap), plus cash in the bank, minus debt.  As a formula it can be written out as.

Market Cap  + Cash – Debt =  EV

While cash is in the mix there is still an obvious flaw in the equation, that being Market Cap. Again, no one knows the true value of stock until after it is sold.

Price To Earnings or P/E Ratio

Finally there is P/E Ratio. In this formula analysts take the past or predicted future price of a company’s stock and divide by the earnings or profits, to get what is called a P/E Ratio. But again we have that pesky problem of price. In this case the past price of stock does not guarantee the present or predict the future price. And when it comes to determining earnings or profits, a company can create definitions that have little to do with the actual amount of money it has in the bank. For example, invoices for goods and services sold or delivered can be included in a company’s profit figure. However, a company has no way to guarantee those invoices will be paid on time, or at all.  So the number for a company’s earnings or profits is not necessarily the same as what the company has actually been paid and has in its bank account.

Bottom line, cash is king and the GSI™ turns any company into a cash machine. So whether you are purchasing shares of stock, or the entire company, remember, “Before Buy Get a GSI!”™

If you would like to know more about the GSI™ and how it affects your  business, industry and job visit the official GSI™Online  Library at the following link:




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