Not since E=mc2 has there been a scientific breakthrough that has so many far reaching and world changing applications.


GSI™ defined as: Guaranteed Sales Increase, is a polymathic algorithm pioneered and invented by Mark Eberra, for calculating the exact number of sales a business will make from advertising a product or service. While originally designed to make it possible to guarantee an increase in sales for every product advertised in any media, the equation has been further discovered to be central to solving some of the most pressing social economic problems facing the world today. Here are the top five potential applications.

5. Rescuing Nearly 140 Major Retailers From Closing In 2017

A silent economic epidemic is working its way across America in 2017 as 140 iconic retailers plan to close nearly 1400 retail stores. (1) Major brands like Macy’s, J.C. Penny’s, and K-Mart have reported they will shutter locations in neighborhoods and communities from coast to coast.  This obviously has a huge economic impact by costing local jobs, as well as reducing the state and local tax revenue base these businesses provide to the communities they serve.

The GSI™ original purpose can be put to immediate use by providing an increase in cash to the stores that are lagging in sales. Take Macy’s for example. It has been reported that Macy’s has spent as much as 1.55 billion dollars on advertising. (2) Like all big brands this expenditure on advertising was made without any guarantee the company would increase its sales. No doubt billions of dollars have been wasted and billions more in increased sales revenue lost. If Macy’s had used the GSI™ for example it could have invested its 1 billion in advertising with media companies that provided a guaranteed sales increase. A typical GSI™ agreement could be, Macy’s agrees to invest 1 billion in advertising and is guaranteed to make 2 billion in sales. The Ads would run without Macy’s paying any money upfront for its Ad time or space. This way Macy’s makes its 1 billion back plus an additional 1 billion in profit on its advertising. That’s an additional 1 billion dollars in net new revenue that can be used to keep stores open, workers employed, and communities thriving.  Going forward Macy’s and others major retailers have an opportunity, if not an obligation to use the GSI™ to increase sales revenue and provide a return on investment to shareholders. 

4.  Preventing nearly 20 Billion In Digital Ad Fraud

Billions of dollars are spent each year for online advertising and a large majority of the results are fraudulent. (3.)  What’s most troubling about this well known fact of the online advertising world is that the majority of the money being lost comes from small businesses. We are talking about stay at home moms, home based business, and start ups. The kind of people that have to depend on sales from Ads to make money, pay their bills, and stay afloat. Unlike their large publicly traded counterparts, no one is going to bail them out with a billion dollar loan, stock split, or IPO. These hardworking entrepreneurs literally have to sell for a living. As a result many flock to place low cost Ads on social media sites like Facebook, Google, Youtube and a plethora of web sites that promise clicks, views, traffic, engagements and other industry created buzz words that are assumed by small business owners to translate into sales. If a social media site tells you your Ad reached 130,000 people in Honolulu you just might believe that means 130,000 people actually saw your Ad and are thinking about buying your product. Unfortunately this is rarely the case. What most of these mom and pop shops end up getting is fraudulent stats created by computer programs. 

So how is this a national crisis? I can answer that in one word. Jobs! Every entrepreneur that starts a small business in effect creates one new job, by becoming self employed. If they are successful they can hire more people to help them run their business and create even more jobs. But what happens if that new business owner takes their $500 savings or income tax return and buys a fraudulent online Ad that makes no sales? They could end up going out of business, costing themselves their own job, as well as any future jobs they could have created. By using the GSI™ small business owners can hold online advertisers accountable, and make guaranteed sales increases just like the major retailers can. Not only would digital fraud disappear overnight millions of new jobs can be created at the same time.

3. Increasing The Strength of the Global Stock Market

A strong stock market benefits everyone. Companies can afford to hire and retain employees, pay debts, and create new products and services that bring value to the lives of everyday people. When the market is weak the opposite effect occurs. Companies are apt to layoff, default on debts, and go out of business. Investors are at risk of losing money. When a company deploys the GSI™  it’s  likely to boost the value and price of its stock because the GSI brings in a windfall of guaranteed cash. See (How To Create The Most Valuable Company On Earth.) Most significant in this scenario, the cash is net new revenue from increased sales, and not from a loan. This makes a company cash rich, debt free and irresistible to investors. If the board of directors of every company in the S&P 500 for example,  deployed the GSI™, consistently demonstrating quarter after quarter the ability to deposit new cash at will, the demand for their stock would go thru the roof and the market would reach record highs. 

2. Saving The Retirement of 76 Million Baby Boomers

Between the years of 1946 and 1964 seventy six million babies were born in the United States.(4) If you were born during this time you are considered to be part of the “baby boomers” and you are either retired or fast approaching that age. Many baby boomers have their retirement in mutual funds or a company 401K that is invested in the stock market. Mutual funds are often linked to stock market indexes such as the S&P 500, and DOW Jones Industrial Average 30, which track the rise and fall of the price of a group of stocks. At any given time a stock index could show a rise or fall in the average price of all the stocks listed in the index. Which means your retirement nest egg is rising and falling as well. The danger is that on the date that baby boomers are ready to retire and get their money out of the market, they may very well not have as much as they planned on to retire. A bad day or cycle of the market could wipe out your retirement. Indexes like the S&P and the Dow will always suffer from the inherent risk of market volatility as prices go up and down on any given whim.  

A GSI™ Stock Market Index solves this problem by creating and tracking a list of publicly traded companies that are exclusively using the GSI™ to increase sales, earn net new revenue, and in effect drive up demand and price of their stock. 

Investors will know that each quarter the companies they have invested in will have a guaranteed increase in sales and cash in the bank. Mutual fund companies can create a new generation of Guaranteed Increase Funds™ that track the GSI™ Indices and provide their customers with an unprecedented new level of predictability, security, and return on investment. Most important, the baby boomers can enjoy the peace of mind from knowing that when they retire not only will their money be there, it will be more than what they put in, guaranteed.

1. Solving The 1 Trillion Dollar Social Security Crisis

As 76 million baby boomers retire in the United States often with dwindling savings and/or a 401k wiped out by a volatile or collapsed stock market, Social Security is facing a potential systemic crisis. In 2016, nearly 61 million Americans received approximately $918 billion in pay outs and nearly nine out of ten individuals age 65 and older receive Social Security today. (5.)  The problem becomes, how can the federal Government take in enough money to ensure all 76 million Americans can be paid when they retire?  Just like individuals can invest in Mutual Funds that are Guaranteed Increase Funds linked to a GSI™ Stock Index, so can the Government. As long as the companies invested in use the GSI™  the Government will get a Guaranteed Increase on it’s investment of social security funds. But even when the Government is able to keep Social Security solvent will that be enough for retirees to live on if that is all they have coming in? That’s why it’s equally important for individuals to invest on their own in funds linked to the GSI™ Indices. This way they have two sources of guaranteed increased income for retirement.

If you would like to know more about the GSI™ and how it affects your  business, industry and job visit the official GSI™Online  Library at the following link:

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4. (April 2014) Data from the U.S. Census Bureau show that there are 76.4 million baby boomers




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